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GIT Disorder

Now a day due to our high standard of living & changed lifestyle we suffer from several physical problems one of them which is most commonly seen are the gastric problem.

These problems are mostly seen because of adopting harmful ways like smoking, drinking, fast food, soft drinks, lack of proper sleep, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle these problems are more aggravated due to lack of exercise, mental stress, irregular meals, late night jobs, etc.

The body system which is responsible for digestion is called as a gastrointestinal system while organs comprising in the whole GIT system are oral cavity-pharynx Oesophagus stomach intestine rectum anus liver gallbladder pancreas.

GIT Disorder

At Dr.Tathed’s Homeopathy And Healing Center, we provide homeopathic treatment for many chronic diseases like Asthma, Allergies, Kidney stones, Tonsillitis, Piles, IBS, Psoriasis, Joint Pains, Obesity, etc., acute diseases like Cold, Cough, Headache, Fever and complex diseases like Brain Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases, etc.

Then how can we cope up with these types of diseases is the biggest question. Homeopathy acts & cures these diseases without giving any side-effects & increases our self-immunity & improving digestion. It cures the system of route cause without recurrence of that disease.

It works by giving medicine whose characteristics are similar to those of person who needs that medicine. The medicine stimulates individuals own immunity encouraging body to heal itself.


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