Migraine Homeopathy Treatment

This neurological condition is experienced with extreme throbbing pain, which is usually on one side of the head. It can cause a pulsating sensation along with unbearable pain. It causes a person to feel nauseated, might also have vomiting, and experience light sensitivity. The severity of migraine differs from person to person. Some may have severe pain, while some may have low-intensity pain. Whatever the situation is, the recurrence of pain is constant in this case.



A migraine is a headache that has varying stages of pain in patients. There is a different pattern in every migraine attack as there are different stages present. These stages include:



  • Powerless Conflict: Sometimes, people might feel that they cannot do anything about a situation.
  • Frontal Fear Conflict: This may be felt while having a heated argument with a person or group of people, deadline calls from the bank, a boss at the job, or any kind of fear from a disease.
  • Stink Conflict: This is experienced when a person may be fed up with another person and feels that they are stuck in a particular situation.
  • Resistance Conflict: This could be felt when there is strong resistance or opposition to a person or organization. This could trigger when a person is forced to do something in which they are not comfortable.


A migraine is a headache, but it may not just stay limited to that. It might even cause some serious issues within the body that are even more dangerous than a headache. They can be

  • Stroke: Due to migraine, there can be internal bleeding in the brain of that person, which leads to stroke.
  • Seizure: Migraine can also lead to frequent convulsions or fits that are called migraine seizures.
  • Status Migrainosus: When the migraine attack is so severe that it extends up to 72 hours, it is said to be status migrainosus.
  • Medication Overuse: Constant medications like allopathic painkillers make people habitual of them, and when their effect starts to fade away, people may experience even more throbbing and pulsating pain.
Migraine 2


Homoeopathy offers great results in migraine headaches up to the extent that the recurrence also fades away slowly. While consulting, the doctor may ask certain questions related to the symptoms, intensity of pains, or even certain personal questions that may help diagnose the root cause. Homoeopathy has no side effects and causes improvement in the general well-being of people.


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