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Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress, and in some cases, it can also be beneficial as it provokes people to work hard and complete the given tasks on time. But when this anxiety becomes frequent, even in those situations where there is no need, this is called an anxiety disorder. Anxiety holds the expectations of the future in an individual. A person is more concerned about what the future holds rather than focusing on the present.

This is more related to the fight or flight reaction, in which a person either fights or runs away from the circumstances. Anxiety disorders differ from nervousness or worrisome behaviour, which people normally feel. This brings extreme fear or anxiety for any situation, be it a small or a big one. Anxiety interferes with day-to-day activities and causes problems in the social lives of people.


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Anxiety causes people to avoid certain tasks, places, or people, which triggers their symptoms and worsen the situation for them. People associated with them also get affected, like their colleagues at the job, friends at school or college, and their relationships also face issues.

Types of Anxiety Disorders


Causes of Anxiety Disorders

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Homeopathy Treatment For Anxiety

Risk Factors of Anxiety Disorder

  • Those children who face physical or mental abuse in their childhood often face issues of anxiety. People who experience any trauma in their lives also experience anxiety disorders. For example, when someone loses their loved ones, that is a very serious trauma that shakes people to their core and caters risks of anxiety disorders.
  • Having a serious illness also causes fear and worries about their treatment and their chances of survival. Some diseases are so stubborn that they become chronic, and people start to worry about them not going away.
  • Anxiety usually kicks in when people are under constant stress about things. Even a small event can trigger panic attacks in such people. For example, completion of assignments, financial problems, etc.
  • People with various mental ailments like depression, extreme confusion, and social withdrawal also have risks of possessing anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders can also be genetic if they run in someone’s family history. Also, seeing a family member suffering from anxiety could trigger the same problem in people. Whereas, it also depends on the environment people are grown up. Some people witness horrible childhood trauma that stays with them forever.
  • People who consume alcohol or drugs are more likely to have anxiety. Especially when they try to quit those addictions, as the withdrawal symptoms the anxiety starts to kick in.

How Homeopathy Treatment For Anxiety Disorder Works?

Homoeopathy treatment is very safe as there are no harmful side effects like the conventional methods. It is very effective for anxiety disorder treatment and shows great results. The best part is these medicines nullify the chances of relapse in the patients. Usually, people get dependent and addicted to anxiety pills, but this doesn’t happen in the case of homoeopathy treatment. People can revive back their social lives and continue being their best versions.

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