Advantages of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy offers many advantages in treating mental health conditions:

  • The remedies are non-habit forming; patients do not develop a tolerance for them, in fact they tend to need less and less as time goes on
  •  People do not need to take them indefinitely; typically the condition is resolved in several months or several years of treatment, after which time the person no longer needs the remedy
  • People typically report deeper sleep, better energy during the day, and improved self-esteem
  •  The remedies are extremely inexpensive
  • It is impossible to commit suicide even by swallowing several bottles of a remedy
Healing Success with Homoeopathy
  •  Patients receiving homoeopathic treatment often see improvement on the physical, emotional and mental levels
  •  Chronic diseases & severe acute conditions that fail to improve through conventional medicine often respond well with homoeopathic treatment
How Homoeopathic remedies cure layer by layer?
  •  Establish the conditions for health
  •  Address pathology: Use specific natural substances, modalities or interventions
  •  Address pathology: Use specific pharmacologic or synthetic substances
  •  Address weakened or damaged systems or organs
  •  Stimulate the healing power of nature
  •  Correct structural integrity
  •  Suppress or surgically remove pathology

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