Homoeopathy & Pediatrics

Homeopathy is effective in treating variety of troubles that a child
faces.Whether it is an infantile colic,teethingtrouble,aches and pains or
even a behavioural disturbance :Homeopathy can manage them all.
The homoeopathic system of medicine works from within ,it helps in
strengthening a child’s immunity and thus helps in keeping
illnessesaway.It strengthens the child’s natural defenses so that he or she
can fight off the cold or flu that every child around him may be facing.And
helps them stay healthy and illness free for longer durations of time.

Homeopathic medicines not only relieve common and acute problems of children but also prevent recurrent episodes of ill health.Recurrent tonsillitis ,enlarged adenoids,bedwetting,allergies,asthama,bronchitis,diarrhoea,constipation and many more illnesses can be safely and effectively treated with homeopathy .Emotional and behavioural disorders such as anxiety ,depression,defiant or aggressive behaviour can also be treated with homeopathy.
Role of Homeopathy
The moment one sees their child sneezing, coughing or crying due to pain or some health issue, they succumb to anxiety and rush to the nearest doctor hoping that the doctor will make their child's problem go away. And almost invariably, the physician will prescribe a mixture of medicines in varying doses for relief. What most of us fail to understand is that kids and their immature organ system deals with drugs differently as compared to a grown up's. Medicines given to our children should be as natural and organic as possible and also be free from chemicals and side-effects. The human organism is resilient and adapts to everything around him. However, a child's body is fragile especially during infancy hence it is necessary to opt for a mode of treatment that does not do any harm to your kid. Talking about safe and side-effect free treatment options Homeopathy scores highest among the various natural and holistic treatment options available. Owing to the safety of Homeopathy medicines, Homeopathy is considered to be the ideal treatment option for infants, toddlers and older kids. Millions of people worldwide recognize the effectiveness and safety of Homeopathy treatment and are resorting to it for their children's health needs. In some countries, it is seen that Homoeopathy is no longer considered as an 'alternative medicine'. It is, in fact, fast becoming the most preferred system of medicine.
Homeopathy can cure the following disease condition.

1. Bronchial asthma
2. Tonsillitis
3. Laryngitis
4. Pharyngitis
5. Bed wetting
6. Difficulty in speech
7. Memory weakness
8. Bad effects of vaccinations
9. Upper respiratory tract infections
10. Mephitic syndrome
11. Meningitis
12. Delayed milestones
13. Malnourishment
14. Hyperactivity of body
15. Dental caries
16. Phobias
17. Fears
18. Traumas
19. Fever

Why childrens like homoeopathic medicine

1. Homoeopathic remedies sweet in taste so they easily take it
2. Totally free from side effects
3. It improves immunity level for his life time
4. They also remove the physical, mental as well as Behavioral Abnormality

Homeopathic medicines for paediatrics:
  1. Chamomilla: Agitated,restless ,impatient but calm and quiet when carried.violent desires for one thing but throws away when offered and asks for another.stoolsgreen,watery ,corroding like chopped eggs,sour smelling dentition.Screams with pain ,refuses food ,drink and toys.
  2. Magnesia carb: Diarrhoea occurs every three weeks ,stools green ,frothy like scum of a frog pond.Milk passes undigested.Diarhhoea preceded by cutting pains.The whole baby smells sour.
  3. Pulsatilla: Clingy,sad wanting to be held and reassured Children like fuss and caresses.Mucous Discharges are Profuse; Bland, Thick; Yellowish: Green.Thirstlessness with nearly all complaints. Gastric difficulties from eating rich food,cake ,pastries especially after meat or pork.
  4. Cina: Adapted to children with dark hair, very cross ,irritable ,ill humored ,want to be carried but carrying gives no relief ,does not want to be touched ,cannot beat anyone to come near them. Averse to caresses. desires many things but rejects everything. Children suffers from worms, pitiful weeping when awake starts and screams during sleep , grinding of teeth
  5. Borax: Dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints. Great anxiety of downward motion,whenlayinh the child down on couch or in crib,cries and clings to nurse when rocking ,dancing ,swinging,going down stairs or rapidly down hill. Children awake suddenly ,dreaming and graping sides of cradle. Apthae in mouth ,inside of cheek.easily bleeding when eating or touched.
  6. Iodum: Persons with profound debility and great emaciation. Ravenous hunger ,eats freely and well, yet loses flesh all the time. Child grasps the larynx face pale cold especially in fleshy children. suffers from hunger must eat every few hours, anxious and worried if he does not eat.
  7. Sabadilla:Worm affections of children.Diphtheria ,tonsillitis can swallow warm food morr easily stitches and most symptoms.Sensation of skin hanging loosely in throat must swallow over it.
  8. Sulphur: Children cannot bear to be washed or bathed,emaciated,restless.Dirtyflithy people prone to skin affections.Constipation stools hard knotty dry as if burnt,large painful ,child is afraid to have the stool on account of pain or pain compels child to desist on first effort alternating with diarrhoea.

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