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Respiratory Disorders In Childhood


Also caused by viruses, the common cold, or  an upper respiratory infection, is the primary reason kids stay home sick from school,

common cold is caused by several types of virus. The most common is the rhinovirus

  • Runny nose.
  • Sore throat.
  • Coughing.
  • Sneezing.
  • Headache
Homeopathy Approach:

Recurrent cold and coryza result from lowered immunity , homeopathy not only reduces the frequency of such episodes but also boosts up the immunity


Bronchitis refers to inflammation of the bronchial tubes (the passage through which the air is carried to the lungs from trachea). The inflamed airways make it difficult for the air to get into the lungs and makes breathing difficult. Bronchitis that arises from allergens is known as allergic bronchitis. It is a chronic type of bronchitis that develops due to exposure to allergens like dust, molds, tobacco smoke, air pollutants, and chemical fumes. Due to lowered immunity it is most common in children


Dry or mucus-filled cough

  • Vomiting or gagging
  • Runny nose, often before a cough starts
  • Chest congestion or pain
  • An overall body discomfort or not feeling well
  • Chills
  • Slight fever
  • Back and muscle pain
  • Wheezing
  • Sore throat
Homeopathy Approach:

There is a great scope to treat allergic bronchitis in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are of natural origin, and they treat allergic bronchitis in a very safe and effective manner. Homeopathy increases the immunity of the child and allows to lead normal life.


Recurrent tonsillitisis a worrisome complaint in children and often tonsil infection paves the way for other respiratory tract infections , which indicates a very low immunity . homoeopathy not only reduces the repeated tonsil infections but also helps to avoid surgery and thereby boosting immunity in children

Homeopathy Approach:

In recurrent or chronic tonsillitis surgery is advised. But studies show that the body’s defense mechanisms tend to decrease post tonsillectomy as they are body’s important line of defenses .homeopathy has always worked wonders in every case of tonsillitis and surgery has been prevented in most of the cases. Thereby improving the immunity of the patients.


Also called a sinus infection, sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue that lines the sinuses. Fluid can build up in these normally air-filled sacs behind the nose and eye and lead to an infection. It often accompanies a cold or the flu or may be triggered by allergies.

Sinusitis can lead to:

  • Pain and pressure in the face, particularly behind the eyes and nose.
  • Feeling very stuffed up or congested.
  • Coughing and a runny nose.
  • Post-nasal drip that may cause a sore throat, bad breath and nausea or vomiting.
Homeopathy Approach:

The natural mode of treatment aims at rebuilding the body’s immunity to sinusitis .Homeopathy for sinusitis can completely cure the chronicity and recurrence of sinusitis.

Homeopathy Medicines:
  • BRYONIA: In people with a dry hacking cough and rusty sputum. The symptoms are aggravated by any sort of motion and warm temperatures.
  • RUMEX: In people with dry/stringy cough, which is increased in cold temperatures and by talking, this homeopathic medicine proves useful.
  • KALI BICHROMICUM: Where the patient has yellow, sticky mucous which is worse in the morning, this homeopathic remedy is effective.
  • Aconite: This homeopathic remedy is very useful in treating bronchitis, where there is frequent sneezing, restlessness, coryza-like symptoms or excessive perspiration. Its uniqueness is that it prevents the development of full-fledged bronchitis.
  • BELLADONNA: This homeopathic medicine is useful in patients with bronchitis who have a violent fever and distressing cough that is worse with lying down and at night. The coughing spells are dry and short with irregular breathing. There is also fullness in the chest with no pain, though children might cry with this fullness. There is increased drowsiness where patients sometimes doze off into a semiconscious state.
  • SULPHUR: This homeopathic medicine is very useful in people with chronic bronchitis symptoms, where the patient has significant rales (sounds due to air movement within the bronchi). This is accompanied by mucous that is thick and can contain pus. The patient could also suffer from bouts of suffocation.
  • BACILLINUM:This homeopathic medicine used for respiration problems faced by people who tend to catch a cold easily. The mucous membranes are highly irritated and the patient feels very congested.

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