Homeopathy Can Help Relieve Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Homeopathy Can Help Relieve Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder often makes life difficult for kids. The brain development disorder impairs children’s behavior patterns, social interactions, and learning capabilities. It makes a child incapable of reacting to the world around them in a conventionally normal way. Several autistic kids are discriminated against, making them feel abandoned. This results in other serious mental health issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and more.

Most conventional treatments for autism spectrum disorder focus on calming the children using psychiatric drugs. These medications often have a short-term effect on the patients, making the treatments redundant. This is why it is important to switch to homeopathic treatment to tackle autism spectrum disorder.

If your child suffers from autism, make sure you seek holistic homeopathic help in your city. For instance, if you are a Pune resident, look for the best homeopathic treatment in Pune to treat the disorder. A homeopathic doctor will target the core of the problem and provide a sustainable cure for your child.

Before understanding how homeopathy can help relieve the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, let us briefly understand the symptoms.

What Are The Major Symptoms Of The Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Most noticeable autism symptoms can be seen during the first three years of a child’s life. Here are some of the early symptoms that clearly show signs of an autism spectrum disorder:

  • Not smiling at all
  • Staring continuously at an object
  • Staying lost in their own world
  • Not responding to their name
  • Not making eye contact upon being called
  • Inability to recognize the family members

These symptoms are enough to seek medical help from an autism specialist in Pune. Make sure you start your child’s homeopathic treatment before it is too late.

However, if the key autism symptoms go unnoticed for the first three years, here are the symptoms that are likely to develop a little later in a kid’s life:

  • Aversion to a change in routine
  • Repeating specific words and/or phrases
  • Using gestures to indicate words
  • Laughing or crying without a clear reason
  • Preference to staying alone
  • Throwing unnecessary tantrums
  • Difficulty in interacting with kids their own age
  • Difficulty in maintaining/sustaining eye contact while talking
  • Failure to identify danger
  • Physical under-activity or hyperactivity
  • No response to verbal instructions
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Abnormal attraction to linear or spinning objects
  • Excessive possessiveness towards specific objects
  • Over or under-sensitivity to pain
  • Abnormal screaming or shouting

If you see any of these symptoms that last for too long, make sure you seek the best autism treatment in Pune for your child.

Why Choose Homeopathy To Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder?

If your child is suffering from autism, it is always advisable to choose homeopathy instead of conventional allopathic treatment. As the name suggests, children suffering from autism spectrum disorder fall somewhere within a spectrum. Homeopathic treatments depend on the severity of the symptoms.

As homeopathy targets the root of the problem, most homeopathic treatments are able to mend behavioral and cognitive defects in children. They increase a kid’s ability to have normal social interactions, think straight, and learn normally. Over time, homeopathy helps the patients attend normal schools and study with normal children. While a complete cure for autism is often not possible, homeopathic treatment reduces the symptoms to a great degree.

Here are important reasons why homeopathy is the right choice to relieve the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder:

  • Sustainable Cure – Homeopathic treatment provides a sustainable cure instead of simply calming the patients using psychiatric medications. The effects of homeopathy are often long-lasting.
  • Tackling Other Mental Health Issues – Along with autism, homeopathic treatment helps the patients cure other mental issues such as depression, anxiety, low confidence, and more.
  • No Side-effects – Homeopathic treatments for autism have no unwanted side effects. As these medications are often administered to kids, it is important to make sure they do not end up harming them.
  • Natural Medicines – All homeopathic medicines are completely natural and do not contain harmful chemicals. This prevents unhealthy complications from arising during or after the treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines To Tackle Autism Spectrum Disorder

When you visit an autism specialist in Pune, they recommend suitable medicines according to their severity and symptoms. Here are some of the most common medicines homeopathic doctors recommend to tackle autism spectrum disorder:


Agaricus is a common homeopathic medicine to treat autism in kids showing symptoms like excessive muttering, screaming, singing, talking, and not being able to answer direct questions. It is also recommended for children who wake up with involuntary jerks.


Carcinosin is another effective homeopathic medicine recommended for children who are otherwise talented but suffer from compulsion, obsession, and stubbornness. It is also administered to kids with sleep-related issues and addictive disorders.

Cuprum Metallicum

Cuprum Metallicum is a medicine ideal for children who are extremely angry, obsessive, and tense under normal circumstances. They are also recommended for children who are very aggressive toward their parents. Some of these autistic patients may be averse to being touched or even approached.


Androctonus is a homeopathic medicine suitable for children who are likely to swing from a stable mood to a destructive one. It has long-term calming effects on autistic kids who also exhibit compulsive and suspicious behaviors.


Helleborus is a common homeopathic medicine recommended for slow and under-active children. It is ideal for kids with learning disabilities and depression. Helleborus is also recommended for autistic children with muscular weakness. It allows children to learn faster and act appropriately while socially interacting with kids their age.

The Final Word

These were some of the most important aspects worth considering when it comes to relieving the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder with homeopathy. As the perfect antidote to conventional allopathy, homeopathic medicines ensure the complete well-being of autistic children and keep them away from harmful side effects. If your child shows even mild autism symptoms, it is advisable to seek medical help from a trusted homeopathic doctor in your city. They would diagnose your child for the severity of symptoms and recommend suitable treatment.

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