What treatments are available to help women overcome infertility

What treatments are available to help women overcome infertility

Various hormonal or lifestyle changes among women could lead to infertility. Women are recorded to lose their fertility level by about 3% to 5% every year after the age of 30 years. Fertility is vital for women who are trying to get pregnant.

While there are a few medical conditions like damage to the Fallopian tubes or cervical conditions or endometriosis that can lead to infertility among women. Hormonal changes like PCOS can result in a decrease in egg production.

The advancement in medical sciences has brought up a few solutions to treat infertility among women. Women can even opt for some homoeopathic treatments that are effective and do not result in any side effects.

Mentioned below are a few available homoeopathy treatments in Pune. You can avail them at your convenience.

Homoeopathic Treatment for infertility among women

Homoeopathic treatment is a better solution for women, as the medications are nontoxic and do not have any adverse effects. Also, while undertaking the treatment, a woman will be first diagnosed well, to understand the cause, situation and extent of the issue among the patient. You can look for the top homoeopathic doctor in Pune and can get proper treatment to resolve your issue.

Borax and Natrum Phos:

These are a few fluids prescribed to women who have an acidic vaginal discharge. The acids present in a discharge can kill the sperms if they end up failing before reaching the ovum. As sperms need to travel efficiently through the reproductive tract for fertilisation, it is necessary to treat the acid levels in the discharge.

Borax and Natrum Phos are given to women in such cases. The colour of the vaginal discharge can determine which type of drugs are to be prescribed. For women with clear or whitish discharge, Borax is given and for women who experience creamy, coloured discharge, Natrum Phos is usually prescribed.

Homoeopathy Doctors in Pune are trained in such drugs and medications.

Treat Menorrhagia:

 This is another medical condition under which a woman can experience prolonged periods. Prolonged periods could lead to infertility among them. Heavy loss of blood and egg during menstruation can lead to weakness, fatigue and even anaemia among women.

Treating menorrhagia is a must. The condition can be treated using two drugs. Doctors in Pune will prescribe the best to suit your menstrual conditions. For women with prolonged periods, Calcarea Carb can be prescribed. And for those who experience early periods that occur before completing a cycle of 18-21 days, Aletris Farinosa is prescribed.

These medications can be taken for a longer period. They do not have side effects and can help you maintain a healthier menstrual cycle necessary for fertility.

Treatment of shorter or scanty periods:

 Short periods too, can be harmful to a woman’s fertility levels. Any abnormal cycle that occurs after more than 45-50 days has to be paid attention to. Women might also experience shorter periods that last one a day or two. In such cases to be to visit the best homoeopathy doctor in Pune.

They will provide a few drugs like Pulsatilla and Sepia that can be used for the treatment of such conditions. Pulsatilla is often prescribed to women who experience scanty periods.

Reduced sexual drive:

Some women undergo a reduced sexual drive or experience extreme pain during intercourse. In such conditions, it might be difficult for a woman to get pregnant.

Thus, it is necessary to treat such conditions by visiting the finest homoeopathy doctor in Pune. They will again prescribe a few medicines like Agnus Castus and Sepia depending on your condition. Extreme pain is experienced due to dryness. Sepia can be used to cure this condition completely.

Advantages of Homeopathic treatments

Homoeopathy is surely not the only solution to your infertility problems. Patients can also opt for some regular treatments, but these medicines are known to have longer chemical effects on the hormones and the physique of the women.

Chemicals present in allopathic medicines are not suitable for all. They can have prolonged effects on the skin and hair of women. Furthermore, allopathy medicines cannot be taken for a longer duration.

Many women opt for a homoeopathic solution to various fertility and menses-related issues. According to reports, homoeopathy has proven to affect about 27 out of 40 women who have faced some similar infertility issues. Homoeopathy is indeed therapeutic management of infertility and must be given a shot.

Are there any risks involved?

Well, few drugs are known to have side effects. It is highly recommended not to use the medicines on your own. Get a quality Homeopathic treatment in Pune to treat the issue. Doctors usually suggest medicine depending on your diagnostic reports.

In case of wrong drug consumption, women can undergo various issues like:

  • Ovarian tumours can develop if the fertility medicines are consumed for more than 12 months continuously.
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome is a rare condition that can cause the ovaries to swell and periods after which can be more painful than usual.
  • The situation can also cause you to be pregnant with twins or triplets. Pregnancy with multiple can be caused mainly due to injectable drugs. This can develop further issues during pregnancy like premature labour, low birth weight and other similar issues.


Homoeopathy too has come a long way. The development of drugs and their effectiveness has considerably increased. Many people are now considering getting various major issues treated by homoeopathy.

It is possible that in some conditions, no homoeopathic or allopathic medicines can improve the given condition and in such cases women these days can opt for various surgeries like Tubal surgeries or Laparoscopic or hysteroscopic surgery. Surrogacy has also been an effective method availed by various women in the world.

While you consider various options available, you must try and compare. Do some research on your end and make sure to make an informed decision.

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