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The Use Of Homeopathy In Combination With Conventional Treatment For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common skin disease that takes a toll on a patient’s physical appearance and mental health. It results in the formation of white or colorless spots on one or more areas of your skin. Vitiligo results due to the destruction of melanocytes in your body, leading to a lack of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its color) in the body.

Several patients worldwide struggle with vitiligo. While the skin disease does not pose a serious threat to your life, it does affect your social interactions and mental health. This makes it important to treat the issue and make your skin look as normal as possible.

Most people resort solely to using conventional allopathic medicines to treat vitiligo. While some of these treatments and medications are useful, most of them deal with the issue superficially. Most conventional vitiligo treatments involve the use of chemicals that harm the patient’s skin, leading to further skin complications instead of making their skin better.

It is, therefore, important to use conventional allopathy along with homeopathy to tackle skin diseases like vitiligo.

Combining Homeopathy And Conventional Treatment For Vitiligo

Homeopathy has stood its ground for several decades as a holistic way to treat patients for multiple diseases. It follows the approach of “like cures like” and treats patients by administering a small and highly diluted dose of elements causing the disease in the first place. According to homeopathic experts, things that cause diseases in healthy individuals can also cure people suffering from the same diseases.

Moreover, homeopathy is often referred to as “alterative science” or “alternative medicine” that runs parallel to conventional allopathy. While conventional vitiligo treatment focuses more on easing the superficial symptoms, homeopathy dives a little deeper in tackling the problem.

If you are suffering from allopathy, it is advisable to seek homeopathic help in your city. For instance, if you live in Pune, approach the best homeopathy doctor for vitiligo in Pune to diagnose and treat the skin disease. Homeopathy doctors are known for their friendly and empathetic nature, making patients feel comfortable at once.

Dr Girish Tathed is one such homeopathy doctor in Pune who has garnered respect and reputation over years. After dedicated years to studying and practicing homeopathy, the beloved doctor treats multiple diseases along with vitiligo using homeopathic medicines. You can always use such doctors’ help in handling vitiligo along with conventional allopathy.

Why Use Homeopathy In Combination With Allopathy For Treating Vitiligo?

Let us now understand why homeopathy is important along with conventional allopathy to treat vitiligo:

Addressing The Root Cause

Conventional medicines rarely tackle the root cause of vitiligo, i.e., the destruction of melanocytes. Allopathic medicines, lotions, and treatments focus more on suppressing the superficial symptoms of the disease, which is not enough for a holistic cure.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, tackles the root cause of vitiligo. It stimulates the production of melanocytes in your body, giving your skin its natural color back. Even if your skin condition is too severe, homeopathy is capable of slowing down or preventing the destruction of melanocytes, stopping the issue from getting any worse.

Long-term Cure

Relying only on conventional treatment to cure vitiligo will not give you long-term results. Most allopathic medications provide short-term results, making you dependent on them over time.

If you want a long-term solution to vitiligo, it is advisable to include homeopathy to your treatment procedures. As it tackles the root cause of the problem, the solution it offers is long-term. Once your body starts producing enough melanocytes and counters their destruction, your skin is less likely to lose its color again, helping you recover from vitiligo in the best way possible.

A combination of homeopathy and conventional vitiligo treatment prevents you from taking skincare medications for the rest of your life.

Focus On Natural Cure

Allopathic medications often include harmful chemicals as their ingredients, putting your skin under a bigger threat than vitiligo. Adding homeopathic medicines to your treatment helps you focus more on providing natural cure to your skin.

Homeopathy stays away from harmful chemicals and dilutes elements to a considerable extent, preventing any harmful effects on your skin. Homeopathic vitiligo treatment ensures that your skin remains younger and healthier while reducing colorless and white spots.

Preventing Side Effects

Conventional allopathy is likely to cause harmful side effects in an attempt to cure vitiligo. Using only conventional medications to treat vitiligo exposes your skin to risks like rashes, burns, wrinkles, etc. Even if you end up treating vitiligo, these side effects worsen your skin’s condition.

On the other hand, homeopathy is free from such harmful side effects that come with conventional medicines. Being 100% natural, it prevents your skin from being harmed in any way, keeping it healthy throughout the treatment.

Focus On Mental Health

Patients suffering from vitiligo often hesitate to engage in social gatherings because of the way they look. Their appearance also subjects them to unsolicited discrimination, with people around them behaving as if they are not normal. This may lead to issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.

While conventional vitiligo treatment focuses on altering a patient’s physical appearance, it does not take their mental health into consideration. This is where conventional treatment with homeopathy proves effective. Along with reducing the white/colorless spots on the patient’s skin, homeopathy also improves their mental health.

After an effective homeopathic vitiligo treatment, a patient feels physically and mentally healthy. Homeopathy has always been used to ensure the holistic well-being of an individual, irrespective of their health complications.

The Final Word

These were some important aspects you should consider regarding the use of homeopathy in combination with conventional treatment for vitiligo. While homeopathy without allopathy will be equally effective in treating issues like vitiligo, allopathy without homeopathy may prove to be harmful for the patient’s skin. If you or any of your loved ones are struggling from vitiligo, consult a homeopathy specialist in your city for a wholesome treatment.

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