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Vitiligo Homeopathy Treatment

Dr. Tathed uses homeopathy for treating the skin issue of vitiligo. As a vitiligo specialist in Pune, Dr. Girish Tathed tackled the issue by targeting its roots and focusing on the holistic treatment of the body. Being a chronic skin disease, people often get scared and intimidated by vitiligo.

Moreover, as the issue affects the skin and the manner in which a person looks, it affects the confidence levels of the patients as well. 

However, being the best vitiligo doctor in Pune, Dr. Tathed deals with the issue with the utmost precision, care, and gentleness. He focuses on the physical as well as mental symptoms common in people suffering from vitiligo to ensure the complete well-being of individuals.

Before getting into the vitiligo homeopathy treatment, let us briefly understand the disease, its symptoms, and its causes.

Homeopathy And Vitiligo
vitiligo homeopathy treatment - Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy

What Is Vitiligo?

Also known as ‘kod’ and ‘safed daag’ in Marathi and Hindi respectively, vitiligo is an autoimmune skin condition where the skin develops white or light-coloured patched after losing its natural colour. These white patches on the skin are caused by the lack of melanin in the body. People suffering from vitiligo lack the sufficient number of melanocytes, the special cells responsible for producing melanin.

Apart from the lack of melanin, vitiligo can also be caused due to an inherent defect in the production of specific pigments that give your skin its natural colour. Although the precise cause of vitiligo remains unknown, it has been proven that hormonal, genetic, and immunological factors play an important role in causing vitiligo.

The degree and rate at which vitiligo spreads differ from person to person. The skin issue can affect any portion of the body, including hair, lips, corners of the mouth, genitals, etc.

While some people only show a single white patch on their body on suffering from vitiligo, the others show multiple spots and patches across the body. Moreover, while in some cases a single white spot remains of the same size throughout the person’s life, other patients may experience the patches spread across their bodies at a rate.

Vitiligo may accompany other skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and more. Looking at the issue from a clinical perspective, vitiligo does not cause any major harm to any vital organ of your body. Therefore, it cannot be considered to be a serious medical condition. One of the biggest myths surrounding the issue is that the skin disease is contagious. Vitiligo is not contagious and does not spread to people coming in contact with patients suffering from the issue.

While vitiligo is not a serious medical condition, people suffering from it often find it difficult to mingle with others in society. They often face discrimination wherever they go and are not easily accepted in society. This results in the degradation of an individual’s morale, self-worth, and confidence. This is one of the reasons why vitiligo homeopathy treatment is effective in dealing with the mental and physical aspects of the skin condition.

What Causes Vitiligo?

As mentioned earlier, the precise cause of vitiligo is not yet known to medical experts. However, it has been closely observed that autoimmunity always plays a major role in causing and spreading vitiligo across the body.

vitiligo homeopathy treatment - Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy

Here are Six of the most common factors that trigger vitiligo:

Autoimmunity is considered to be one of the most common and prevalent triggers for vitiligo. When there is an imbalance in the immune system of our body, the cells in our body end up destroying melanocytes – cells responsible for producing melanin. In such cases, the melanin production within the body is affecting, ultimately affecting the colour of the skin in specific areas.

The melanin production in our bodies can also be affected by other immunological factors like the neuropeptides released in direct response to an injury (physical or emotional). In most vitiligo cases, multiple factors trigger an imbalance in the immune system and affect melanin production in the body.

It is possible for vitiligo to run in families. About 20-30% of vitiligo patients have a history of vitiligo in their families.

Along with autoimmunity and genetic factors, hormonal imbalances or disorders may also trigger vitiligo. Hormonal issues like thyroid disorders are often present simultaneously with vitiligo in patients. This is why many healthcare professionals advise vitiligo patients to get their thyroid profile done on a regular basis.

Serious injuries to skin cells may also lead to the destruction of melanocytes or trigger an immunological reaction in the body affecting melanin production. Vitiligo is often triggered by injuries like bruises, trauma, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, and more.

The onset of vitiligo has also been associated with patients’ direct contact with harmful chemicals, consumption of harmful drugs, wearing a specific type of gloves, and more.

Vitiligo may be triggered by the malfunctioning of the immune system of the body due to psychological factors like prolonged stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, suppressed emotion, and more.

The Role Of Homeopathic Medicines In Treating Vitiligo

Symptoms Of Vitiligo

The most common symptom of vitiligo is the development of milky-white patches on specific areas of skin. Some patients may also develop pigments that are light-skin coloured. While some patients may develop only a single patch, others develop patches all over their bodies.

It is extremely difficult to predict the pace at which vitiligo spreads in patients. The spread of the skin disease depends on multiple factors such as hormonal changes, heredity, injuries, psychological factors, and more.

Homeopathy And Vitiligo

Dr. Tathed is a trusted vitiligo doctor in Pune who uses homeopathy for the treatment of vitiligo. Being an autoimmune disease, vitiligo treatment needs to target the root cause of the issue. An ideal vitiligo homeopathy treatment involves correcting the immunological system of the body instead of applying anything externally.

The core of homeopathy lies in holistic treatment and tackling the root of all problems. By targeting the immune system of your body, homeopathy reduces the severity of the skin issue and treats the patients gently instead of using any potentially harmful chemicals on their bodies.

vitiligo homeopathy treatment - Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy
vitiligo homeopathy treatment - Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy

How Does Homeopathy Work In Treating Vitiligo?

At Dr. Tathed’s Homeopathy Clinic, we focus on vitiligo homeopathy treatment for correcting the overactivity or dysfunction of the patients’ immune system. Natural, safe, and effective homeopathy medicines are used to control the spread of vitiligo by bringing the autoimmune system of the body under control. The medicines offered by the homeopathic vitiligo specialist in Pune tackle the patients’ immune system and stimulate the melanocytes to generate melanin for their skin. This allows the patients to reduce the white patches on their skin and regain their skin’s natural colour. Moreover, the homeopathic medicines control the destruction of melanocytes for bringing vitiligo under control.

Our doctors and healthcare experts refrain from administering or applying chemicals for treating vitiligo patients. All the medicines used in vitiligo homeopathy treatment are completely safe, natural, and sustainable without any side effects. While our team at Dr. Tathed’s homeopathy clinic strives to tackle vitiligo completely, we try our best to bring the issue and its spread under control if the patients’ bodies do not respond well to the treatments.

The Role Of Homeopathic Medicines In Treating Vitiligo

For efficient and sustainable vitiligo homeopathy treatment, we select homeopathic medicines by following a personalized approach based on the patients we are working with. Before starting the treatment and selecting the medicines, we carry out a detailed case study of the patient and take into consideration factors like the spread of vitiligo, medical history, areas affected, size of the patches, family medical history, emotional/psychological state of the patient, and more.

We select homeopathic medicines based on these factors to obtain the best possible results after vitiligo homeopathy treatment. Using the right medicines allows us to either get rid of vitiligo completely or control its spread in the patients’ bodies. Moreover, choosing the right homeopathic medicines also helps us in altering the genetic disposition of the patients, leading to an end of the genetic transfer of the skin disease.

vitiligo homeopathy treatment - Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy

Here are some of the most commonly used homeopathic medicines to treating vitiligo:

Calcarea Carb is normally given to patients who are obese and have developed milky-white spots on their skin due to vitiligo. The medicine is often prescribed to patients dealing with excessive sweating, especially around their necks and heads.

This homeopathic medicine is recommended for vitiligo patients with dry and rough skin. It is normally given to patients prone to burning sensations on their skin to make them feel better via warm applications and drinks.

Silicea is recommended for vitiligo patients having pale and waxy skin. It is often given to patients having vitiligo spots across their bodies with a tendency of sweating profusely.

Natrum Mur is prescribed to vitiligo patients having dry, oily, harsh, and unhealthy skin. It is commonly given to patients who are thin, get frequently thirsty, and poorly nourished. These patients get physically and mentally exhausted very easily and can hardly tolerate prolonged exposure to the sun.

*Please note that the medicines listed above are strictly for knowledge purposes. Take proper medications only after consulting your doctor. Do not self-medicate*

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