This is a disorder or condition a child is born with that disables them from interacting normally with the environment. An ahttps://drtathed.com/autismutism doctor in Pune says that such people have to learn how to interact with people around them. It is not something which naturally comes to them. This becomes extremely problematic for children with autism, as well as their parents. Those children even lack confidence as they feel less as compared to others. Parents of such children have to bear all those societal norms that are very unfair.

Nowadays, everyone is expected to be social despite the fact that people with autism cannot behave the same as other people who do not have this condition. An autism doctor in Pune informs that children with autism face certain challenges in life. They have problems like constipation, diet issues and sleep disturbances. They are unable to process all the information that is coming from ahead.

Autism specialist in Pune informs the public that in some children, autism usually is diagnosed from 18 months of age, whereas in other children, it is diagnosed after some years. Some children show normal signs in the starting years, but slowly the signs of autism start to appear. There is a great disparity in the symptoms of this condition, which is why it’s also called autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


An autism specialist in Pune recommends homoeopathy treatment for this condition as homoeopathy can be an effective treatment for children having autism. This branch has gained popularity for autism treatments in recent years. However, it is not fair to say that all autistic children benefit from homoeopathy in the same manner. It can be said that some autistic children who start showing positive signs for this treatment can show great improvement ahead also.

Autism therapy in Pune includes the homoeopathy treatment, and the reason why people consider using this is that it has absolutely no side effects on anyone. Homoeopathy has gained the trust of people, which is why many people are considering it as an option for not only autism but for many other problems. Allopathic medicines mostly have side effects that cause discomfort rather than relief. The case with homoeopathy is very different, and it works with a holistic approach. It works at removing all the signs of the problem from within that person.

Homoeopathy also inspects the underlying causes of autism and not only the surface problem. Autism therapy Pune has so many homoeopathy remedies ready to treat this disorder efficiently. The homoeopathy specialist talks to the parents of such children about their family history, symptoms, psychology, emotions, and everything to be sure they reach the root cause of it. There are certain medications listed below that turn out to be effective in treating autism –

  • Carcinocin
  • Baryta carb
  • Lycopodium
  • Hydrogen
  • Thuja
  • Borax
  • Phosphorus
  • Saccharum albis

Though the exact cause of autism is unknown, genetics and the surroundings both affect the child. The best doctor for autism in Pune suggests that this disorder is based on which family genes the child bear. It runs in the family of many people, so the chances of a child contracting it are high. It is not necessary that one of the parents have to be autistic for the child to contract autism. This can also occur when one of the parents is the carrier for autism, and they carry forward certain genes to the baby.

Sometimes, due to mutations during pregnancy, the child tends to be born with autism. The best autism treatment in Pune suggests that the complications in the pregnancy affect the baby greatly, which results in such disorders. The mother should take care of her health, especially during pregnancy. A healthy life balance is necessary to prevent mutations. For example, some women do not leave alcohol and smoking during pregnancy which in turn promotes mutations.

The homoeopathy treatment can be a little frustrating for the parents of the child as it works very slowly, but it eliminates the cause from the root. There are certain factors on which the treatment of homoeopathy could depend. Out of all, the age of the child and the extent of the psychological and emotional reach of this disorder determines more than whether the treatment of homoeopathy will work or not. Some children benefit so much from this homoeopathy treatment that after some years, they can sit with normal people also without losing confidence.

The early sign that shows the homoeopathy treatment is working is the child starts to understand what is happening around them. The demand for homoeopathy is increasing day by day, and people know very well that it doesn’t have any side effects whatsoever. Once the treatment starts to work, the children begin to process what they were not able to before this treatment. Autism treatment in Pune is changing the lives of children and of their parents as well. It is surely the most promising and favourable treatment in today’s time.

Autism affects every child differently, and it is not fair to generalize the medication system for everyone. Homoeopathy does a great job of identifying the unique nature with which autism affects anyone and then acting on the root cause. It might feel slight irritating that homoeopathy doctors start to bombard people with so many questions about their children, how they behave, how they show anger, and many more. But this exercise helps the doctor to understand each patient completely, and then they prescribe the medicines.

The Bottom Line

This article informed its readers about how homoeopathy treatment is a new hope for those with autism and how it transforms them into normal beings. We also listed the common medications that homoeopathy offers for autistic children. Hope this article helps people to build faith in homoeopathy and will help their children get proper treatment.

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