A new way to treat autism spectrum disorder

Autism and homoeopathy: A new way to treat autism spectrum disorder?

Autism Spectrum disorder is among the major conditions experienced by children in their formative years. There are various social, behavioural and emotional discomforts experienced by a child which can also be among the early symptoms of the given disorder.

About 20 lakh students are a victim of this given condition and the rate is considered high in countries all around the world. While genetics and environmental conditions are majorly held responsible for the development of the disorder, the child in such conditions is not able to develop his/her cognitive abilities as steadily and effectively as other children of his/her age.

Autism was first treated using a few allopathic vaccines, but the controversy of these drugs including a few abnormal components that can cause reactions like measles has certainly put homoeopathic treatment at the forefront.

Homoeopathy has come a long way. It is a gentler way of treating a wide range of issues. These days autism too can be handled and treated effectively through homoeopathy. In this article, we will focus on Autism treatment in Pune, especially through homoeopathy and therapy.

Homoeopathic treatment of autism

Homoeopathy is a longer form of treatment. Its effects are long term and starting stage of autism can be effectively maintained and even cured completely using homoeopathy. Autism Doctors in Pune can prescribe a few homoeopathic medicines and drugs that can help control a child’s sensory issues and can keep them from hyperactivity and anxiety and can bring positive changes in the child.

In Homeopathic care, patients are not only prescribed medicines but their diet and lifestyle are also maintained. Proper therapy is provided to the children trying to improve their mental state and wellbeing.

The classical form of homoeopathy is very effective in the case of autism. Various psychiatric and neurotic drugs can help control the child’s changing moods and seizures. Social development is highly focused and Autism treatment in Pune and various other regions in India today are primarily focused on these aspects.

Suitable homoeopathic medicines can work wonders on a child’s biochemical growth and development. Doctors will consider the child’s medical history and only then prescribe drugs to control their neurological and psychiatric impulsive behaviour.

Prescribed diet under homoeopathy

The child will have to fit into different diet and lifestyle patterns to see some steadier effects. Best Doctors for autism in Pune will also recommend various doses of Vitamin B, C and Zinc supplements.

Include loads of Fish Oil in your child’s diet. This can bring in some brain and cognitive development among children.

Also, Casein-free and Gluten Free diet is prescribed at all costs.

Therapy as a major part of the homoeopathic treatment

Therapy is a major part of homoeopathic treatment. As mentioned earlier, homoeopathy is a milder and gentler way of handling any given disorder. Therefore, therapy will give your child that space to open up and share effectively with the therapist. The child is trained under expert supervision and their cognitive, social, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are developed further.

CEASE or the Complete Elimination Autism Spectrum Expression is undertaken by homoeopathic doctors. This is proven to be one of the most effective therapies for children that undergo autism.

Autism Therapy, Pune is highly effective. Doctors often undertake a combination of Isotherapy and Orthomolecular medicines to heal the children completely in a short term.

Therapy sections are primarily focused on teaching and communicating with the child. Experts can handle any situation effectively and thus; it is necessary to visit only the finest to receive the best Autism treatment. Autism Treatment in Pune is ranked very well and trusted by all.

Are there any risks involved?

When the treatment is undertaken with some expert supervision, it shouldn’t cause a major issue. There aren’t many risks involved in the therapy. It will help your child open up and develop the required social skills. The earlier the treatment is undertaken, the better and more effective will be the results.

It is rather necessary to keep a check on the medicine that your child is compelled to consume. They might last for a longer period indeed and thus; they can cause a few side effects. After a certain stage, the child might deny any sort of medication due to the type of repulsion they experience. Also, the therapy could take longer than expected.

If the medications are not properly accompanied by the prescribed diet, they can cause further issues.

Are there any complimentary solutions?

In autism therapy, Pune will prescribe a few more complimentary therapies that can involve music, yoga or chelation. Auditory integration and craniosacral massage can also help your child heal effectively and at a faster pace.

Undertaking the additional therapies will see positive growth in your child. They will heal faster than usual and will be much more active and attentive.

Also, before undertaking the therapies, make sure to consult your doctor. Undertaking any therapy at any given time can hamper the growth of your child. Be mindful of the side effects of such therapies and only then allow them.

Is homoeopathy an effective way of treating ASD?

The answer is yes. Homoeopathy is an effective way of treating ASD, only when undertaken on time and with full measures. Follow each and every minor instruction and prescription provided by the doctor. Do not overlook any of the given aspects and give your ultimate best.

Homoeopathy is accompanied by therapy, unlike allopathy. Allopathic doses can be extremely heavy on your kids. They also have a few side effects. Although Allopathy is a faster way of treating your children, homoeopathy is gentler and much more effective. Under homoeopathy, various aspects like cognitive, personality, psychiatric and physical are taken into consideration.

It is highly advisable to undertake homoeopathy and observe the positive changes in your child. Don’t forget to keep a tab on their development.

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