Homeopathy Treatment for Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disease in the airways that are connected to the lungs. It causes difficulty in breathing due to the overproduction of mucus in the airways resulting in more coughing. Swollen airways and inflammation cause mucus to build, which makes a whistling sound while breathing accompanied by shortness of breath. Although asthma can not be cured permanently, its symptoms can be managed with proper medications.

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What are the types of asthma?

Types and causes of asthma are dependent on the symptoms produced by asthma in different ways and situations. There is a broad categorization of asthma that includes:

  • Intermittent: This type of asthma is not consistent and symptoms can come and go with long normal duration in between the two asthma attacks.
  • Persistent: This is the consistent type of asthma with symptoms permanently showing up. These symptoms can vary from mild, to moderate, or severe. Its severity is based on how frequently one is having symptoms and the severity of symptoms. How a person suffering from asthma feels during the attacks determines the severity of asthma as well.

Causes of asthma

Asthma is found to have multiple causes in a person. Children are more prone to having asthma attacks as their airways are still under development. Asthma does not show its symptoms until adulthood. Of the several causes of asthma, some of the most commonly found causes of asthma are:

Apart from all of these, other factors trigger the asthma attack in adults such as:

  • Allergic: people who are allergic to different types of inhalation. They can be allergic to moulds, pollens, and pet hair. These fine particles get into the airways and irritate the airways triggering mucus formation and difficulty in breathing. Dust and smoke can also cause asthma attacks in a person allergic to such things.
  • Non-allergic: Various other factors can act as triggers for asthma. Heavy work and hard activities such as exercising vigorously, stress, illness, and even weather may cause a person suffering from asthma to have an attack. Weather is known to be a highly triggering factor for some people with asthma.
  • Certain medicines: some people’s bodies may be reactant to medicines such as aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medicines have been found to trigger asthma in many cases.

Symptoms involved in asthma

Some symptoms may vary from person to person. Asthma signs and symptoms may include

  • There can be shortness of breath for a person suffering from asthma which is the most common symptom of asthma among patients.
  • A patient may feel some tightness or pain in the chest area.
  • The patient may make a rattling sound when exhaling, which is a common sign of asthma in children.
  • Due to difficulty in breathing, coughing, or rattling in the chest, there may be trouble sleeping
  • Coughing or rattling that gets worse by a respiratory virus, such as a cold or the flu

There are other symptoms that a person suffering from asthma is likely to have. Such symptoms are:

  • Coughing that surfaces mostly at night or when a patient is laughing or can have during exercising
  • A patient with asthma experiences difficulty in talking as well.
  • The person with asthma is seen to be in an anxious or panic state.
  • There is fatigue involved in the person suffering from asthma.
  • As breathing is difficult, the patient is seen to be rapidly breathing.
  • Asthma can cause frequent infections like flu and cold.

More than a combination of the above-mentioned symptoms are said to be symptoms of asthma in a person.

Homeopathic Invention

According to the latest research in homeopathy, people suffering from asthma feel increasingly powerless as its severity increases. Facing a life-threatening and seemingly life-long issue gives way to anxiety, loss of confidence, and depression. Patients often feel physically and emotionally drained after getting diagnosed with asthma, adding to their existing problems.

Can homeopathy treat asthma?

Yes. Homeopathy is found to have reduced the symptoms involving asthma and provide relief to the person in the worst of asthma attacks. It helps in the reduction of hypersensitivity that lies in the airways and hence reduces signs of asthma.

Homeopathic medicines that are found to have relieved asthmatic conditions are:

This is given to the patient who feels exhausted, but still feels very restless and anxious. There can be breathing-related problems that tend to be worse when the patient is lying down or sleeping at midnight. The patient feels better when tries to sit up. There is the sound of dry rattling which may lead to coughing that could bring up frothy whitish fluid.

Rattling sound may start when a person’s body gets too warm. There may be some rattling sounds while eating fatty food as well. In such cases, coughing can involve yellow-coloured mucus that can cause gagging and choke the person. The patient may feel some kind of tightness in the chest that gets worse in the evening and at night and is relieved by cool fresh air.

It is given to a person who has a hard cough during an asthma attack. The respiratory tract becomes very dry and breathing gets tougher. There is the production of mucus as well.

It is given to the person suffering feels weak along with a hollow sensation in the chest and coughing leads to gagging. The person may even have cold hands and feet but feel the need to be in the open air.

This medicine provides relief to tense, constricted feelings in the chest which a patient gets during asthma attacks, with pressure in the stomach.


Homeopathy medicine is administered to persons suffering from asthma and its symptoms. However, the above-mentioned medicines are for knowledge purposes only and they are strictly forbidden to take without prior consultation with a homeopathic doctor.

* Note – Above medicines are for knowledge purpose only. Take the medication only after doctor’s consultation. Do not self medicate

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