Foot corns are hardened layers of skin that develop from your skin’s response to friction and pressure. Corns develop from repeated friction, rubbing or irritation and pressure on the skin. The most common cause is shoes that don’t fit properly.
Foot corns
Signs And Symptoms :
  • Rough, tough, yellowing patch of lumpy or bumpy skin
  • Skin that’s sensitive to touch
  • Pain when wearing shoes
Causes :
You can develop foot corns from wearing shoes that are too snug on your feet. If you stand or walk for long periods of time, the weight of your body and the constant friction can also cause painful corns on the bottoms of your feet.
Homoeopathic Approach :
Foot corns can be safely treated by homoeopathic medicine, and you can even prevent future ones.
Homeopathic Medicines :
  • Hepar Sulph : Hepar Sulph is one of the best choices of medicines for corns that tend to suppurate (have pus formation). Burning, stinging pains, corns may also be highly sensitive to touch.
  • Antimonium Crudum : Large, horny corns on feet that may or may not be inflamed. corns are very tender.
  • Silicea : Soft corns mainly appear between the toes. Silicea is one of the most effective. The characteristic symptoms – corns between the toes may be sore and painful.
  • Nitric Acid : The guiding feature for prescribing Nitric Acid as the most suitable among medicines for corns is the presence of corns with splinter-like or sticking pains.
  • Lycopodium : Lycopodium would show the best results. Lycopodium is also one of the best medicines for corns which are inflamed and result in sore, stinging, burning pains.
* Note – Above medicines are for knowledge purpose only. Take the medication only after doctor’s consultation. Do not self medicate

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