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Urinary Tract Infection

The urinary system has different parts – kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Infection to any part is urinary tract infection or UTI.

 A UTI can cause frequent urination, pain while passing urine, and pain in the abdomen.

UTI mostly involves the bladder and urethra. Women are at great risk of developing UTI than males.

UTI is usually caused by bacteria, most commonly, e coli .

Urinary Tract Infection
Risk Factors :
  • Female anatomy. Women have short urethra than men, hence bacteria get easy passage to travel to the bladder.
  • Sexual activity tends to have more risk. As the female urethra is close to vagina, sexually transmitted infections can cause UTI.
  • Certain types of birth control.
  • Menopause, due to decreased oestrogen levels changes in the urinary tract make women more vulnerable to infection.
  • Urinary tract abnormalities.
  • Recurrent and multiple kidney stones.
  • Suppressed immune system due to underline diseases.
  • Recurrent catheterization in hospitalized patients.
Symptoms :
  • Frequent urge to urinate.
  • Burning sensation while urinating.
  • Urine with changed appearance. It may be cloudy, reddish, or pink in colour.
  • Strong-smelling urine.
  • Pain in the abdomen especially in women
  • Fever with chills in some cases.
  • Rarely nausea and vomiting.
Homeopathic Approach :

Homeopathic medicines work best in both acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after detailed history-taking. So, factors that are responsible for recurrent UTI are easily found out. Homeopathy increases patients’ inner immunity and lowers the tendency of recurrent infections.

Homoeopathic Invention :

As per the latest research, UTI may be caused by a territory conflict . UTI occurs when a person is unable to establish one’s position or place (. An unwanted change in home, school, the workplace can activate such conflict. Feeling unsettled, not knowing where to belong, not finding one’s place in the relationship, within the family, the group at work, or in society.

Homeopathic Medicines :
  • Aconite Nap : In acute cases with high fever and hot, dry skin. The patient is thirsty and restless. Constant burning in bladder; urination painful and difficult. In the case of children, pain is so severe child cries out and grasps genitalia with hand.
  • Cantharis : Intolerable burning pain in the bladder, pain along with urethra, extending to testes. Burning in parts, orifice red; urination difficult, passed by drops, with the need to strain before, during, and after urination. Urine is scanty, bloody. Fever with thirst but drinking water makes the condition worse.
  • Equisetum : Constant desire to urinate. Pain in the bladder as if too full, not relieved by urination. The urine is scanty, contains much mucus. Useful in UTI in old males. Excellent remedy for chronic UTI. Great desire to urinate with.
  • Sarsaparilla : Urine with white sediments. Urine becomes turbid like clay water immediately after passing urine. Much pain at the end of urinating. Urine is scanty, slimy, and flaky.
  • Terebinthina : Violent drawing pain in the region of kidneys. Violent burning and cutting pain in the urethra. Blood and protein in the urine. So, urine is red, brown, black, or smoky in appearance.
* Note – Above medicines are for knowledge purpose only. Take the medication only after doctor’s consultation. Do not self medicate

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