Female infertility

Infertility in women: causes and treatment options

If a woman has tried to get
pregnant for around 12 months but failed in getting so naturally, then a woman
may have fertility issues and is advised to get a medical examination done.

A woman’s reproductive system has
different organs, and the proper functioning of all the organs is necessary for
getting conceived naturally.

The female reproductive system has the following parts:

     Fallopian tubes

     Fibria, among the other parts

Any problem with these organs can
cause disturbance in the process of getting pregnant.

The major issues that women face
are fibroids, irregular periods, ovarian cysts, PCOS, PCOD and other

Science today has many treatments
available for infertility in women, and also we do have homoeopathy treatment for female infertility available but let’s
look at the causes first.

The causes and treatment for infertility in women are as follows-

1.    Fibroids –

This is one of the most raising
concerns in women these days. Fibroids can cause infertility in different
amounts depending on the area it is located, their size and their type. If it
is the submucosal fibroid specifically located in the uterine layer of the
reproductive system, it can cause infertility and loss of pregnancy by bulging
into the uterine layer.   Fibroids can
also change the shape of the uterus and affect the fallopian tubes by blocking
them. If the uterine fibroids are larger than 4cm, they can cause lower
pregnancy rates. Blood flow to the uterine layer can be affected by the
presence of fibroids. Changes in the uterus shape and size due to fibroids can
cause the blockage of sperms.


Fibroids are a very condition in
terms of pain but are curable in most cases. In cases other than uterine
fibroids, medications and injections are given to the patient to stabilize the
fibroids, but in the case of uterine fibroids, pregnancy is really difficult,
and to cure the condition, surgery is suggested. A hysterectomy, endometrial
ablation, and uterine artery are suggested. Also, homoeopathy for female infertility works wonders for patients with
fibroids. Homoeopathy for fibroids works with medications and exercise as a

2.    PCOS ( polycystic ovary syndrome)- 

PCOS is another common cause of
infertility in women. PCOS can affect anyone from the age of 12-54 and cause
disruption in their menstrual cycle. It can cause prolonged heavy periods to be
short to no periods at all. PCOS is a condition where follicles in the ovary do
not ripen or mature at regular intervals of time. This condition also causes
irregular periods and an imbalance in hormones. PCOS causes facial hair,
painful periods, and mood swings and, in some cases, can have serious impacts
on a patient’s mental health.

Treatment – 

PCOS is the most common problem.
Therefore, there are so many ways to treat it, it was believed that PCOS is an
incurable condition, but now it is a fact that PCOS can be reversed. It can be
treated with birth control pills and other medications. Yoga is really helpful
when it comes to PCOS. Homoeopathy for
female infertility
works very well in the case of PCOS as their medications
help in balancing the hormones and stabilizing the menstrual cycle.

3.    Premature ovarian insufficiency(POI)-

POI is rare, wherein the ovaries
stop producing eggs before the age of 40, that is, before menopause starts
hitting a woman. Apart from infertility, it can also cause cardiovascular
diseases. It can also cause urinary incontinence and affect the kidneys. This
condition of premature ovarian syndrome is usually caused by the natural
reduction in the production of estrogen and progesterone, which are usually
regarded as the feminine hormones and help in getting regular periods and the
smooth functioning of the female reproductive system.

Treatment –

Homoeopathy treatment for female infertility works for premature ovarian insufficiency because it works on the
symptoms of the problem and helps in balancing the hormones, helps in strengthening
the hormone system and also helps in regulating the periods.

4.    Endometriosis

This is a condition where a
uterine layer grows outside the uterus, resembling the one present inside the
uterus. The outer uterine layer results in painful periods and immense pain and
pressure on the pelvic region. The pelvic region of a female reproductive
system is what holds the baby inside the womb. Technically with the extra
uterine layer and the increased pressure on the pelvic region, natural
pregnancy or any kind of pregnancy becomes very difficult. This condition is a
growing issue and can be caused by hormonal imbalances and immune system
problems and can also be caused by genetics. There are so many complications
associated with endometriosis. It can lead to infertility, long-term pelvic
region issues interfering in social activities, and large cysts can break open
the pelvic region. In rare cases, endometriosis can also cause blockages in the
urinary tract and can even lead to cancer.

Treatment –

Laparoscopy, hysterectomy, and
hormone therapy are usually suggested.

Homoeopathy treatment for female infertility has solutions to endometriosis that balance the hormones and help
in conceiving naturally. Homoeopathy medicines in this condition help in reducing
the over-secretion of estrogen by the endometrial tissue.

5.    Issues in the fallopian tubes –

The fallopian tubes in the female
reproductive system play a very major role in the reproduction process. So, if
fallopian tubes are blocked in some way, they can play a major role in
increasing the chances of abortion. They can block the sperm from reaching the
egg. Even if a zygote is formed, it might be blocked from resting on the
uterine surface. Blockage of the fallopian tube can also cause irregular periods
and can also lead to immense pain in the abdomen region and the pelvic region.
The various issues that can be caused in the fallopian tubes are as

     Pelvic injuries
     Pelvic surgeries
     Sexually transmitted diseases
     Inflammatory diseases

6.    Structural challenges – 

Sometimes, in a female body, the
structure of the uterus is a little different from the beginning and can be due
to genetics or a  mishap in the
reproductive system, but this condition can cause infertility in women.
Irregularities in the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes or any other part can
cause infertility in females. Structural issues that affect conception,
carrying a fetus and implantation all come under the structural challenges of
the female reproductive system. These challenges usually can be detected at a
very early age and usually do not occur due to external causes.

7.    Others –

This includes all the external
causes that can have an effect on the female reproductive system. This includes
accidents, miscarriages, abortions, and the ageing process. Even with modern
science today, the female reproductive system is not yet fully discovered or
studied. There are so many miracles that happen with the birth of a baby.
Sometimes, a woman considered the most unlikely to get pregnant can not only
get pregnant but also deliver a healthy baby and sometimes, a completely normal
pregnancy can go wrong. All these unexplainable things right now by modern
science also come under this because they are valid cases.

Homoeopathy treatment for infertility has worked for so many people over the years and is a trial and
tested method to conceive naturally worth abnormalities. In homoeopathy
treatment, hormonal balance is maintained by the selected medicines that can
help you enjoy the joys of motherhood. If you are someone looking to conceive
naturally, homoeopathy treatment for
is a must-try option because it can help you achieve the
results you need and doesn’t have many side effects as opposed to regular

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