Vertigo is due to the inflammation of the cerebellum part of the brain, which has the function of balancing the body properly. Any injury to it causes vertigo in which some disease including have this symptom like migraine, meningitis, anemia, epilepsy, head injury, hypotension, Meniere’s disease, etc. Patient feels dizzy, drowsy falling all things around him, blurred vision, etc.

What happens during Vertigo type of symptoms?

Vertigo means false sense of motion or spinning around you, loss of balance or unsteadiness. It may happen due to imbalance level in labrin which in ear due to some infection cause damage to its functioning which also cause vertigo. Sometime people have confusion between vertigo, fainting & unconsciousness, so it was very clearly known to differentiate it that vertigo you feels imbalanced in which the things around were moving & about unconsciousness you yourself was moving., as well in fainting their sudden blackout which you become unconscious followed by return to full wakefulness.

How Homeopathy help to this kind of problem patient facing?

Homeopathic remedies acts internally at cellular level, which to improved right from root which leads complete cure & never comes again through his lifetime. They control all troubles, deficiency, and excesses production in body. Vertigo sometimes is due to ear problem too, when patient taking treatment over it, medicine cures ear trouble too. In this way without any side effect with only single medicine act very well on it.

Conium, Rhus tox are type of remedies help them to improved very well. Ferrum met, Cocculus act very nicely on it so that patient shows sooner recovery signs

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