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Febrile Fits
(Convulsions in Childhood)

It is an epileptic seizure associated with high body temperature but without any serious underlying health issue. They most commonly occur in children between ages from 6 months upto 5yrs. Most seizures are less than 5 min duration & child complete back within 60 min of event. The diagnosis involved verifying that there is not an infection of brain, there is no metabolic problems & there have not been prior seizure that have occurred without fever


1. During generalized febrile seizure body become stiff & arms & legs will begin twitching
2. Child loses consciousness, although their eyes remain open
3. They may become incoherent (wet or soil themselves)
4. They may also vomit or have increased secretion(foam at mouth)
5. Child temperature usually greater than 38’C

What happens in this kind of problems?

A febrile seizure is a convulsion in young children that may be caused by a spike in body temperature, often from an infection. Watching your child experience a febrile seizure can be alarming. And, although a febrile seizure may last only a few min, it may seem like an eternity to you. Febrile seizure represents a unique response of a young child’s brain to fever.

Fortunately, febrile seizures aren’t as dangerous as they may look. They are usually harmless & typically don’t indicated a long-term or ongoing problem. You can help your child by keeping him safe during a febrile seizure & offering comfort afterwards. Have a fever higher than 100.4F; loss of consciousness; shake or jerk the arms & legs on both sides of body; rolls his eyes back in head

How Homeopathy affects on it?

Very nice results we have after medication immediately given during seizure attack, small child get relief permanently from this condition we have not given preventive medication but it can be curable by our homeopathic remedies
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