Brain Tumor


Brain Tumor

In this condition some kind of body mass type of lesion seen in brain, which lay man not able to get what to do with this, no way to do operative to come out from this, but homeopathy only cure it without any operative measures. What was main cause that may lead to have brain tumors; surely it may be degenerative changes, internal bleeding, injury, congenital, etc.


Basically, what is tumor actually??? The body is made up of many type of cells, normally, cells grows and divide to produce new cells in a controlled & orderly way. Sometimes, however, new cells continued to be produced when they needed. As a result, a mass of extra tissue called a tumor may develop. A tumor can be benign (not cancerous) or malignant(cancerous)

How u come to know you have tumor?? Surely you have severe headache, sometime dizziness or u say vertigo, vomiting, one or both side paralysis, convulsions, etc. How Homeopathy helps you for this kind of problems?? We treat patient not diseased so we treat you conformed not at all worried about this. Surly it takes sometime but we cure it completely. Our homeopathic remedies help you to improve very well, also to improve your immune level too, & surely it will not appear again in your life time. We have Plumbum Met, Arnica, Gelsemium, which treat you symptomatic first & then tumor reduced itself

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