Autism is a developmental abnormality that children face due to genetic as well as environmental issues. It usually gets in notice when a child completes 3 years. Some even develop this way earlier, and some very late. The severity of this condition is also very contrasting in every individual, which is why this is collectively called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). An autism doctor in Pune works on homoeopathic remedies that work like magic for many autistic children that could not get cured by allopathic remedies. This is a very much trusted and brilliant option to consider for the treatment of autism.

In order to understand autism very well, a person first needs to understand its symptoms. This segment of the article will deal with the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder or how does an autistic child look like.

  • An autism doctor in Pune says that the children who experience this condition have certain behavioural issues like inattention, impulsivity, resistant behaviour, and many more.
  • Then there are issues like slurred speech, conversing issues, and issues regarding the understanding of language.
  • They are socially awkward, therefore, are having symptoms like not making eye contact while talking to someone, and they don’t have many friends as their communication is very low.
  • An autism specialist in Pune informs that some children do not even respond by calling their names.
  • There are issues like speaking unnecessary things, blabbering on their own, throwing tantrums at people while talking to them and not being conscious about it.
  • Their attention is very limited, and they cannot focus on instructions.
  • They make different expressions which are sometimes irrelevant to the situation, and even throw stuff there and there.
  • These children are very impulsive and restless. Autism specialist in Pune asserts that their attention duration is also very less as compared to normal people.

There are various homoeopathy remedies which work wonders for patients with autism. Reports have shown that the conventional methods show great side effects on the child and on contrary, the homoeopathy treatment does not show any sort of side effects which is why people trust this process so much. Homoeopathy especially works on the behavioural changes of the child having autism, despite the high severity. Listed below are some areas where homoeopathy works in autism therapy in Pune.

  • Homoeopathy treatment can take the children out of that confusion zone that they are in.
  • It also cures the frequent shouts and cries of those children.
  • The reluctance that the child shows to follow any instruction or to do any work also improves by homoeopathy treatment.
  • Autism therapy in Pune also promotes the communication skills of a child, which was earlier hidden. They are able to converse with their peers with more confidence after these remedies.
  • The difficulty in speaking and reading also get cured with time.
  • Sudden mood swings are a symptom that is very challenging for a parent to tolerate. Homoeopathy has made their lives easier in so many ways.
  • Sleepiness is another symptom which is cured.
  • Visible hallucinations are also relieved, which means the child sees dreadful visuals randomly.
  • Palpitations also get cured by homoeopathy remedies.
  • Akinesia is an impairment or loss of power to complete voluntary movements and is also cured.

There are many such small symptoms that homoeopathy remedies work for. Now, homoeopathy also advises the parents of those children to have a closer look at the diet. As diet plays an important role in deciding what nutrients enter our body, as those have to align with the treatment. Also, there are certain lifestyle changes that need to be taken into consideration –

  • Do not use any processed food items; instead, use healthy fruits and vegetables for the child.
  • Make sure proper sanitation is maintained in the house; that is a must for homoeopathy treatment.
  • Engage the child in mild exercises such as breathing exercises or jogging.
  • Let the child wear loose-fit clothes so that proper comfort and ventilation are maintained.
  • Note that the intake of coffee or tea should be prohibited as it interferes with homoeopathy remedies.
  • Do not use those stuff around the child that has a strong smell. For example, scents, camphor, room freshener, etc.
  • Usage of air conditioners is also prohibited while homoeopathy remedies are going on.
  • The best homoeopathy doctor in Pimpri Chinchwad advises that things which trigger the symptoms in the child are not to be used. For example, excess salt should be avoided in food.

Homoeopathy treatment works wonders for children having autism spectrum disorders. Parents have seen tremendous improvements in their children, which they were unable to witness by using conventional treatment methods. Though, it depends on the child’s severity also that how quick treatment would suit them. The homoeopaths also switch the treatment when they feel it has been many days and still no signs of improvement are shown by the child.

The main advantages of homoeopathy remedies are that –

  • They deal with curing the whole person and not only one particular disease. On the contrary, the conventional methods deal with the separate treatment of each symptom. But this is not the case with homoeopathy, as it cures every symptom with just one treatment. The person will be cured completely, and the symptoms won’t repeat.
  • Another advantage is that homoeopathy medicines actually taste great, so the children love them, unlike conventional medicines, which create nauseated situations for the patient.
  • Allopathic meds deal with just controlling the child by using psychiatric medicines. At the same time, homoeopathy remedies deal with finding the root cause of the problem and then eliminating it.

This article informed its readers about how homoeopathy remedies offer great help for children with autism. It also discussed the advantages of homoeopathy treatments. It is indeed the best alternative to conventional methods of treating autism. If anyone is facing these issues with their child, they must consult a homoeopath for the best results that are free from any side effects.

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