Lung Cancer


Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a malignant lung tumor characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in the tissues of the lung.

This uncontrolled growth can spread beyond the lung -either by direct extension, by entering the lymphatic circulation or via the hematogenous, blood borne spread the process called metastasis.

It is the 3rd most common cancer. It is more common in males, in the age group 50-70, and in smokers.

Lung Cancer
  • Cigarette smoking: a most common important cause of lung cancer. Smokers are 40-70% more prone than non-smokers.
  • Atmospheric pollution in urban areas.
  • People who work in the asbestos industry.
  • Occupational exposure to various chemicals.
  • Exposure to radiation.
  • Pre-existing non-malignant lung diseases like COPD, lung fibrosis, tuberculosis, etc.
  • Familial predisposition
Types Of Lung Cancers:
  • Non-small-cell carcinoma
    a) Squamous carcinoma
    b) Adenocarcinoma
    c) large cell carcinoma (neuroendocrine carcinoma)
  • Small cell carcinoma
Symptoms :
  • Cough for long duration
  • persistent  coughing with blood
  • Pain in the chest, shoulder, and may on back especially while laughing
  • Weight loss
  • Dyspnoea or difficulty in breathing
  • Frequent attacks of Pneumonia or Bronchitis
  • Hoarseness of the voice
  • Dysphagia or difficult swallowing
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in joints and bones
  • Swelling of face
  • Loss of appetite
  • Generalized weakness
Food And Nutrition :
  • Increase intake of protein, carbs, energy, and fluids.
  • Small frequent meals may be beneficial.
  • If the oral diet is possible, promote a protective diet by including fruits, vegetables, sesame seeds, and pecans, food rich in quercetin (apples and onion), and other flavonoids, selenium, lycopene, carotenoids, and natural oestrogens (such as soy foods).
  • Include good sources of phytosterols such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and wheat germ.

Include more omega-3 fatty acids from fish, shellfish, and walnuts.

Homoeopathic Invention :

As per the latest research lung cancer may be caused by ‘FRIGHT CONFLICT’.
Fright can be experienced in any life-threatening situation, for example in the course of an accident or medical emergency.
Also, by diagnosis shock, particularly by a major illness that hits a person like a death sentence.

Homeopathic Approach :

It focuses on reducing the symptoms of cancer and strengthening the overall body constitution of the patient. It helps to reduce the effects of stress during cancer but also aids in decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy.

* Note – Above medicines are for knowledge purpose only. Take the medication only after doctor’s consultation. Do not self medicate

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