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Down Syndrome

It is a genetic disorder caused by presence of all or part of third copy of chromosome in 21 pairs; it is typically associated with physical growth delayed, characteristic facial features & mild to moderate intellectual disability.

Down Syndrome can be identified during pregnancy by screening followed by diagnostic testing or after birth by observation

  •  Poor immune functions
  • Development of milestones at later age
  •  They have higher risk problems as congenital heart disease, leukemia, thyroid, mental illness
  •  Small chin
  • Slanted eyes
  • Single crease of palm
  •  Poor muscles tone
  •  Short neck
  • Big toe
  •  Flat nasal bridge
  • Shot structure
  •  Abnormal pattern of finger tips
What Happens In Down Syndrom?

 Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes lifelong mental retardation, developmental delayed 7 other problems. Down Syndrome varies in severity, so developmental problems range from moderate to serious. Children with down syndrome have a distinct facial appearance. Though not all children with down syndrome have the same features, some of the more common features are:

    • Flattened facial features
    • Small head
    • Short neck
    • Protruding tongue
    • Upward Slanting eyes
    • Usual for the child’s ethnic group
    • Unusually shaped ears
How homeopathy help to improve this kind of children both mentally as well as physically?

In homeopathy we have several medicines which help patient to get recover from down syndrome. During treatment, patient initially will start understanding people and things. Visual capacity starts improving. Afterwards patient starts to hold neck then back & becomes straight, strengths in legs & hands increases. After some time both sensation & motor functions properly. And without any side effect, patient start living his life independently & lives healthy lifestyle.

Homeopathic remedies mostly we give on constitution based so depend on that we give Pulsatilla, Arsenic, Nux Vomica, etc type remedies which helps to improve patient

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