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Homoeopathy & Female disorder

We all know that Homoeopathy has wonderful results in every disease. In addition to this, Homoeopathy has amazing cure in Female disorders just like an icing on the cake.
It is rightly said a family can be healthy if the woman in the family is healthy. Hence a woman should pay special attention to her health in her day to day life as she has to balance her house as well as her career. Due to this tug of war between her house and career, women now a day suffer different kinds of maladies like dysmenorrhea, menstrual problems, leucorrhoea, breast development, fibroids in uterus, ovarian cyst & PCOS, hormonal imbalance, abortions, breast cancer and menopause and so on. That’s where Homoeopathy comes into picture to help them overcome these maladies and stay healthy & in turn keep their family healthy.

Homeopathic approach

Homoeopathy is very useful for girls at the age of puberty or during onset of menses until the age where woman get menopausal syndrome. It is useful in woman at any age. Homoeopathic medicines cure the disease as well as improve the immunity or immune system in person.

Most of the women have the following troubles:-
1] Before menses: – pain in abdomen, low backache, irritability breast pain.
2] During menses: -low back pain with abdomen discomfort, heavy flow, scanty flow, foul smell of menses.
3] After menses: – weakness, tiredness.
4] Irregular menses, leucorrhoea, infertility, fibroids in uterus, PCOS, ovarian cyst, prolapse of uterus, CA of Breast.
5] During pregnancy: – severe vomiting, any mental stress, help woman for normal delivery.
All these troubles can be cured by Homoeopathic medicines. They have no side effects. It is easy to take. Anyone can use Homoeopathy – babies pregnant woman & elderly. Homoeopathy is used to treat physical mental as well as emotional conditions. Homoeopathy has the medicines for illness-

1) Irregular Menses

When the menses start at puberty they are irregular which becomes regular after 1-1 ½ year but in some cases it doesn’t remain regular. Homoeopathic medicines can help to regularize it. Causes for this are stress, grief, sadness hormonal imbalance, PCOS, changes in lifestyle, obesity.

2) Complaints before, during and after menses

Almost all women have irritability during menses. She gets angry at silly things very quickly. She cannot tolerate if anybody talks rudely with her or scolds her. She even gets irritated easily. Some women have severe breast pain, pimples on face, severe pain in abdomen before menses, heavy or scanty flow during menses. Homoeopathic medicines can help in above mentioned troubles.

3) Breast Development

Some women have poor or uneven Breast development. While very few women have one normally develop breast. Homoeopathic medicines are the best option for breast development.

4) Leucorrhoea

It is an excessive abnormal discharge from the vagina. It is either physiological or pathological. It may be constant oozing from vagina causing lot of disturbances to the patient. It is associated with lower back pain and tiredness. This disease can be cured from root only by Homoeopathic medication.

5) Hormonal Imbalance

There are various glands in body which secrets various hormones. Increase or decrease in these secretions causes Hormonal imbalance. This causes infertility or hirsutism. Hormonal imbalance is mainly caused due to mental stress, changes in lifestyle, excess weight. These hormones play an important role in regulation of menses. When there is imbalance it causes menstrual problem, infertility and weight gain or weight loss.
Another common cause of Hormonal imbalance is excess use of oral contraceptive or hormonal pills. Homoeopathy can help to regulate these hormonal levels.

6) Infertility

Infertility is failure to conceive for one or more years of unprotected sex. It may be primary or secondary. Women get pregnant with the help of Homoeopathic medicines & deliver healthy baby.

7) Complaints during & after Pregnancy

Homoeopathy offers a safe and effective method of treatment for many problems associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy is an excellent time to start using homoeopathy.
Homoeopathic medicines are mainly prepared from herbs, vegetable kingdom, and minerals & given in very minute dose so that they are 100% non-toxic, having no adverse effects whatsoever. They are non-addictive & have no unwanted side-effects during pregnancy, even for babies, children & nursing mothers. It has good result in case of severe vomiting. It also promotes proper secretion of milk after pregnancy. Homoeopathy medicine is safe for both mother & child.

8) Fibroids in uterus

The cause for uterine fibroids is unknown but there some factors recognized which contributes to their growth. One such factor is hormonal imbalance resulting in over production of oestrogen whose basic function is to initiate cell growth. Another factor is genetics or family history. There are several homoeopathic & holistic approaches for treating uterine fibroids.
Dietary guidelines for women suffering from fibroids focus on low estrogen. A poor diet can increase estrogen level & prohibit the body’s ability to break down & secret excess estrogen. Reducing fat intake & increasing fiber intake will lower oestrogen production which may stop fibroid growth. Eliminate following from your diet- dairy products, saturated fat from meat, sugar. Recommended food includes green vegetables, oats. Homoeopathic medicine is the best option to avoid surgical procedure for fibroids.

9) Ovarian cyst & PCOS

PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome in which ovary has multiple cysts. These Cysts occur when the regular changes of normal menstrual cycle are disturbed. The ovary is enlarged &produces excessive amounts of androgen & oestrogen Hormones. Obesity can aggravate PCOS. Homoeopathic medicines work on correcting Hormonal imbalance, regularizing ovulation & restoring menstrual harmony. Homoeopathy also helps in dissolving cysts to eliminating the need for artificial hormones. But Homoeopathic medicines alone wouldn’t go long to give relief, stress management, complete diet control, corrective lifestyle habits with medicines can be of considerable help.

10) Prolapse of uterus

Uterine Prolapse occurs when the womb drops down & presses into vaginal area. Chronic & complicated diseases can easily be treated by magical doses of Homoeopathic medicines. Surgery can be avoided if a patient comes in early stages(1st & 2nd degree of Prolapse ) of the disease. Homoeopathic medicines control the further progress of the disease. So Homoeopathy saves a female from a surgical trauma which is physical mental as well as financial.

11) Menopause

Menopause is the cessation of a woman’s reproductive ability. In this period, women complaints of hot flushes, irregular menses & irritability.
Homoeopathy is the safest treatment before, during & after Menopause because it stimulates the natural hormonal balance without the use of harmful drugs. Constitutional Homoeopathic treatment is the best during a transitional period of Menopause in order to balance hormonal levels & cure many symptoms.
Classical Homoeopathic practice is highly recommended for the treatment of Menopause.
Medicines like sepia, pulsatilla, Ignitia, phosphorus, hammemalis, calcarea, sulphur, ferrum, Sabina, secale, ipecac, Arsenic are very useful in female complaints, but it should be taken only after consulting homoeopathic physician.

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