Type I [IDDM]

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Type I [IDDM]

It is caused by absolute deficiency of insulin resulting from reduction due to destruction of pancreatic beta islets cells

Age of Onset:Early [below 40 yrs]

Type of Onset:Abrupt & Severe.

Weight: Normal

Family History: < 20%, 50% chance in identical twins.

  • Genetic susceptibility.
  • Auto immunity.
  • Environmental factors:
    • Viral infections.
    • Chemicals.
    • Toxins in atmosphere.
Homeopathic role

This disease is labeled as an incurable disease in the world, but these sweat pills kills the sweat disease by, revitalizing the body’s immunity power, and activates the B-cells of pancreatic islets cells to secrete insulin naturally and harmoniously.

In IDDM: By using effective homoeopathic medicines, blood sugar[diabetes] level can achieve a good control and also the complications can be prevented infection

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