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Bell’s Palsy

Are you suffering from sudden weakness of face after waking in morning?

Are you suffering from drooling from one side of mouth with difficulty in expression?

Are you suffering from drop of mouth parts of one side?

Are you suffering from difficult to close one of the eyelids?

Bells Palsy

It is also known as facial palsy is a weakness severe of the weakness of the facial muscles on one side of the face.It is due to a swelling of the nerve that controls the muscle of face.

  • The herpes virus that causes cold sores. Facial nerve of one side of face damaged by inflammation.
  • Individuals who have diabetes or upper respiratory diseases & any trauma or environmental factors.
  • Sudden weakness on one side of face that cause it to droop, drooling, difficult to close eye 0f the affected side.
  • Eye problems such as excessive tearing or dry eye, loss of ability to taste, pain in or behind the ear.
  • Numbness in the affected side of your face & increased sensitivity to sound.
  • Irreversible damage to your facial nerve.
  • Misdirected regrowth of nerve fibres resulting involuntary contraction of certain muscles when you are trying to move others.
  • Partial or complete blindness of eye due to excessive dryness and scratching of the cornea.
Homeopathy Approach
  • It has amazing results on the weakness of muscles.It reduce the compression of nerve.
  • Homeopathic medicine reduce the drooling and dropping of eye.
  • Difficulty in speech and eating got better due to homeopathic medicine and it cures bells palsy.
Auxillary management
  • Eyebrow exercise and lip exercise.
  • Do try to chew food using both sides of your mouth.
  • Massage your face using firm circular motion.
Homeopathic medicine
  • Hypericum: It is best for nerve injury tingling, numbness or burning sensation on the affected side of the face as it is excellent result in the bells palsy.
  • Aconite: Facial palsy follows from a sudden cold exposure.There is numbness of affected parts of face. The face feels cold od affected side.
  • Cocculus: The pain felt in the other cheek.There is weakness dizziness in the face.There is pain while opening the mouth.
  • Gelsimium: There is nerve exhaustion occurs.Twitching of face muscles.So in-coordination occurs drooping of eyelids heavy face.

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