Homoeopathy & Pediatrics

Small babies easily prove to infections they required extra are but parents more panic that what to do & what not to do . They want their children’s totally healthy for that they need to consult only with expertise. Now days they want to give much more nutrias food + life.

In my experience 1 should say that they want best for their child. So they easily go to doctor & said we ready for each every kind should be normal or you say healthy. After conceiving mother starts concern about her child health so he eat & drink all on time so her child would be healthy right from his birth she take care of her child but they he not get sick at all but they were very much low power to resistance so we create vaccines for them to improve their immunity power. Still some parents ask me they why my child get sick after taking vaccine? Why he want again help of extra care at least physically. But vaccine 1st booted immune level then decreased it which leads further complication. We know that vaccine where needy their lifestyle but we can where change this lifestyle just taking some more nutrias food with healthy lifestyle 1st parents need to take all type food then only your child follow you they just want to copy you so do one thing you should take all healthy & nutrias diet & maintain it.
Homoeopathy Can Curve The Following Disease Conditions
1. Bronchial asthma
2. Tonsillitis
3. Laryngitis
4. Pharyngitis
5. Bed wetting
6. Difficulty in speech
7. Memory weakness
8. Bad effects of vaccinations
9. Upper respiratory tract infections
10. Mephitic syndrome
11. Meningitis
12. Delayed milestones
13. Malnourishment
14. Hyperactivity of body
15. Dental caries
16. Phobias
17. Fears
18. Traumas
19. Fever
20. Recurrent cough & cold
21. DNS – deviated nasal septum / polyp’s allergies
Why childrens like homoeopathic medicine

1. Homoeopathic remedies sweet in taste so they easily take it
2. Totally free from side effects
3. It improves immunity level for his life time
4. They also remove the physical, mental as well as Behavioral Abnormality
5. But it take max time to show improvement but it was sure it tale permanent care
6. At the time of emergency time we can help to care the child to improve his health.

Homoeopathic medicines frequently used

1. Happy go luck child everyone like them they where look very much brighter in look phosphorus child have humidity but have all extrovertness
2. Barito crab children where slight slow sluggish type they were slows both mentally & physically
3. Respiratory mostly affects drug was Aulis tart. Feverish feeling Bella acts very well
4. Who is physically restless mere acts very well sharp intelligent child was lecheries
5. Prevention always better than curve parent should take care his child some following tip for them
6. Maintain his hygienic food he should take it on time
7. Wash hands after taking / eating food
8. Avoid too much fast food or fatty food
9. Take only nutrias & healthy food
10. The is sick give him boiled water

Homoeopathy safe way to improve their MIND power. Some kind of children not able to think well due to low memory but homoeopathy can help to improved it.
Mental retorted children also can be treated with the help of the homoeopathic medicines, phobias; trauma also will be curve by homoeopathic medicines. When I was assisting Dr. G. Tathed sir. A person came with his small child he was totally in convulsive state due to fever last from an hour & he was shivering almost after taking Apies 30 single dose he was absolutely alright.
Sometime this kind of miraculous result I never seen in my life when I took admission graduate in homoeopathy I never thought that it was so amazing to treat patient magically like magician.
Small children look with their smiley face they look great we also happy after seen them like this & I am so much sure homoeopathy can help them very nice.
As homoeopathic physician I must say for children homoeopathy good no best treatment for them.

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