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Do you experience pain in the breast?
Do you feel a lump of kind of thing which in movable & soft in nature?
Is the lump painful on touch?

If yes, then you may be suffering from Fibroadenoma of breast


"A fibroadenoma is a very common benign (not cancer) breast condition. Fibroadenomas often develop during fuberty so are mostly found in young women, but can occur in women of any age.

Symptoms of fibroadenoma: The most common symptom is a lump in the breast which usually moves when you touch.

  1. There may be one or multiple lumps.
  2. They are painful and sometimes painless.
  3. The humorous often how rubbuy fall.


  1. No exact cause of fibroadenoma are known.
  2. Hormones such as oestrogen may play a part in the growth & development of tumours.
  3. Taking oral contraceptives is associated a higher risk of developing fibroadenoma.

Diagnosis of fibroadenoma

Can be diagnosed by physical examination papation confirms the presence of fibroadenoma.

Breast ultrasound.

A Mammogram.

Fine hadle aspiration or hiopry.

Homeopathy Approach

Homeopathy cures as a whole. There is homeopathy helps is reducing the size and steps the further development of limbs in future.

Homeopathic Remedis

  1. Calc than corneum, Silicea, carbo-animal, phytolacca sulphur, etc.
  2. Calcium cure-Calc. fluoride, calc.caub, wdum Bouirta.

Calc.theorica: This is one of the best remedies for fibroadenoma of breast. The lump is hard, solitary, movable in nature.

Conium: One of the best medicine for fibroadenoma of breast. The lump is stony hardness in nature gland harden and gets sore.

Iodum: Effective medicine fibroadenoma Breast in hard, enlarged, modular & inflamed. The mammae feels heavy.

Phytolacca: One of the good remedies for fibroadenoma of breast. Lumps are hard in nature. Heaviness of the glands scrolling of the mammae. Crarlled nipples with obesity.

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