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About Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy And Healing Center


homeopathy9With concerns of safety of the conventional medicines increasing over the past few years, we are sure you would want medicines that are not only safe, gentle and painless but also more effective for you and your family.

Fortunately the trust in Homeopathy treatment has been growing massively over the past few years. No doubt, inspite of strong and sometimes absurd attacks on the Homeopathy treatment by the multiple pharmaceutical industry, today Homeopathy is the fastest growing branch in the healthcare treatment in the world. But whenever demand increases, mediocrity and inconsistent quality creeps in.

Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy And Healing Center is owned by Dr. Girish Tathed. Our centre aims at reaching homeopathy to people all on large scale. Dr. Girish Tathed has worked diligently to extend the benefits of homeopathy. Dr. Tathed's Homeopathy And Healing Center in Pune is the only modern Homeopathic Clinic that specializes in Cancer & Infertility treatment.


Dr. Tathed's Expert Advice

Boosting your immunity | Expert Advice | MD Homoeopath in Pune | Covid-19

In the wake of outbreak it is important to stay at home and also to build up your immunity.
Dr. Tathed sharing his thoughts on how to boost your immune system against
coronavirus and minimize the risk of infection during lockdown.


Treatment for major diseases

Dr. Tathed's expert, research based treatments for major diseases. You will find extensive information on clicking following links.


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 GIT Disorder  Fissure  Lungs Disorder  Brain Affection  Psoriasis  Throat Pain


7732906gerd h skin-disease vertigo spondilitis1 isomnia  cough 
 Female Disorder
Skin Diseases Vertigo Lumbar Spondylisis  Insomnia  Cough

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